Drawing of me made by my friend Phobos

Crawling back to GitHub...

I’m really sad. My code contributions have been quite low and I haven’t worked as much as I wish I did, my code’s been relatively untouched in the last months even though I need to modify it. But I’m also sad that my switch to Gitlab has not been as smooth as I wish it had been.

Comments on my blog!

Okay so I’ve been thinking about the best way for people reading my blog to contact me and I think I’ve found a solution which is pretty good.. comments! Okay, here’s why that’s a good way.

Friendships and honesty.

I strongly believe that honesty is the foundation of any relationship. If you’re not honest with the people you talk to, you’re not yourself. You’re simply protraying someone which you’re not and therefore you’re actually creating a relationship in which two people, whom they’re not, are in a relationship.