Drawing of me made by my friend Kuroma

Updates avalanche

Oh boy, it's been a long time. I remade the site from scratch, how will things be going forward?

Food for thought : Social media sent information back to the dark ages

This might sound quite ridiculous but let me explain how I came to this conclusion by describing three eras. Mind you, this is a think piece, not a research so take that as you will.

Semantic web and rant

So, the semantic web, I came to it from being simply interresting in it because well, I thought it was good to make the computer understand my content and it also made HTML prettier in my eyes.. especially HTML5 semantic elements.

Flexbox and more changes

So, just last week I was saying a bunch of changes I had made, well, this is not gonna be as long, it's just some little updates.

Time for some change!

So I've not updated this blog in a while but in the last few days I've updated it a bunch! So here's some of the key changes from this.

Reponse to GNOME critique

I'll be answering the points one at a time as a gnome user so strap on for the ride, it's gonna be a long one. I'd highly recommend reading their post first so you can see the points which I'm adressing.

Crawling back to GitHub...

I'm really sad. My code contributions have been quite low and I haven't worked as much as I wish I did, my code's been relatively untouched in the last months even though I need to modify it. But I'm also sad that my switch to Gitlab has not been as smooth as I wish it had been.

This blog is AGPLv3!

This whole blog's source code is now licensed under AGPLv3, celebrate! Okay, the code is pretty crappy but that's another story, hopefully it improves. Feel free to contribute!

Comments on my blog!

Okay so I've been thinking about the best way for people reading my blog to contact me and I think I've found a solution which is pretty good.. comments! Okay, here's why that's a good way.

Friendships and honesty.

I strongly believe that honesty is the foundation of any relationship. If you're not honest with the people you talk to, you're not yourself. You're simply protraying someone which you're not and therefore you're actually creating a relationship in which two people, whom they're not, are in a relationship.