Drawing of me made by my friend Kuroma

Wogue is not a good person

I was not planning to make a a clear statement about Wogue but the last video they have published was the the straw that broke the camel's back. I can't stand this anymore. I encourage heavily people to distance themselves from them. I'll be going through incidents that I've personally witnessed.

Why I don't believe in encrypted mail providers anymore

Recently, I moved away from Tutanota to Migadu. Why would I move away from a provider which provides encryption for all my emails? It's one of the most important parts of someone's digital life, so, why would I want that unencrypted for my provider to see? Let's get into that.

I'm trying out Plausible Analytics

I'm trying out Plausible. Why? Well, let's get into that. Also, this is a bit more than just a metapost so please stick by!

Why I post my pronouns and you should too

This is mostly a post for future reference but maybe people can learn more about how I see things.

What is happening in r/CentOS and why /u/redundantly should not be a moderator

I will shortly explain what drove all this sudden spike of activity and basically, what happened in the CentOS community. Afterwards, I'll explain my feelings towards the actions of this moderator.

I am using cloudflare analytics

This is both a warning and explanation. I will explore why I'm using Cloudflare Web Analytics.

I miss you my friends

I'm writing this as I'm reminescent of the past, it's probably going to be irrational and filled with errors but I don't care.

PSA about email rating limiting on Discord

This post is just a PSA for those who are looking in the dark and a lesson about keeping multiple ways to contact people.

The IndieWeb and me

This post will be about how I handle IndieWeb technologies and why.

How to survive the new Fall?

This is a follow-up to a post I made a few days ago. Oh btw, I have this domain now, no more codeberg or neocities, sorry!