Drawing of me made by my friend Phobos


Tags, posts types and design

I wanna explain how I’ve tried to make old things easier to find and how I want to make them easier to find in the future. I currently have tags and feeds by tag. I am adding post types and wanna add search. I also want to make the main feed only about the fully thought out posts.

Conversations in the physical world

Recently, I met up with someone for the first time since well, the start of lockdown in March 2020. It made me realize certain things about myself and how I interact with people online versus how I interact with people in person. It was a lovely day so I hope to convey some of that. A bit of change from the relatively Serious ramblings and posts.


Success and the toxic image of the Phoenix

I’ve been finding myself increasingly in this middle space between feeling successful and crumbling down in a million pieces. I guess in a way this is just a symptom of burnout but I feel there’s something beneath the surface that this presents. Let’s try to explore it and publish this post without me crumbling behind my insecurities.